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Derps and memes are transitioning into Web3. Don't be left behind or you'll miss out. We're creating internet history!

A CC0 project made by degens for all degens. No whitelist. No grinding. No complicated roadmaps. 5,000 Derplife NFTs will be a free mint only for the early ones. $DERP tokens and DerpVault awaits.

Welcome #derpfam. The only official channel will be our Twitter @realderplife and our Medium page.



JUNE 2022

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EST21st June/8PM
UTC22st June/12AM
SG22st June/8AM

We r Derp. Derp is for all.

Not another average NFT. We wanted to inject the core beliefs of the community to firmly express themselves through memes and celebrate internet heritage to derps and derages with ties to friendship, while also doing something that hasn’t been done before. It was important to stay true to the community by bringing people together through unique meme-ments (moments) of connection that feels right for Derplife.


The Derp Vault

To keep the derp.life roadmap fun, we’re setting aside a portion of the proceeds for the derp.life community fund. With the fund, we aim to build an ecosystem based around our community through meme contests. The winners will take home the limited utility $DERP tokens.

Are you Derps ready to become the new wave of NFT memelords?


The Meme Hunts

vault memes

We will hold regular meme competitions, known as Meme Hunts, where anyone in the community can participate. The winning meme of the week will be transferred to the Derp Vault - our exclusive collection of community-made memes curated by the founders of the project themselves. But that’s not all, each winner of the Meme Hunt will receive a price in the form of $Derp tokens that can be used for staking and to bid on NFT's.

That’s right, you’ll get paid for the best memes you can create.

We will then auction off the memes from the Derp Vault as a separate collection, with all the proceeds going back to the community fund for future project developments and Meme Hunts.By the Derps, for the Derps - that’s the derp.life philosophy.

The Derpverse Roadmap


Welcome to the Derpverse

⦿ Meme competitions on Twitter & Discord

⦿ Partnerships & collabs to build community


Opening the Meme Factory

⦿ Meme Hunts & community voting for each meme

⦿ Winning memes will be stored in the Derp Vault for auctions

⦿ Introduce $Derp Tokens for staking and community wins.



⦿ DerpVault community proposals & voting

⦿ Derp Vault auctions

⦿ Introduce derp.life merch store


Expanding the Derpverse

⦿ Community proposals & voting on derp.life’s direction

The Team

Introducing the memelords of the project:


    8 years dabbling on multiple Web2 projects with public listed clients. Professionally, I helped Fintech companies go-to-market in the SME space. Loves pets and diving.


    Started designing websites since 8 years ago. Hustling as a UI/UX expert and digital marketer for the NFT space. FPS games is my kind of sport.


    Developed and launched several web2 applications for the e-commerce space for work. Mysterious by nature, the web3 space is what he eats and does for breakfast as a programmer and gamer at heart.


    Full time social media & content strategist in Web2. Worked with several projects in the background since 2020. Builds custom keyboards as a hobby.


    3+ years of Marketing Experience as a New Generation Marketing Executive. Lead Marketing for 4 NFT projects & counting. Loves Community Engagement due to being a big softy for wholesome discord moments


When is derp.life launching?


Expect Derps to drop anytime soon. We’ll drop hints on the Discord.

Which network will derp.life be listed on?

Derps want to be the first NFT for a dual-chain project. Derps on Ethereum will get it first. Solana will be launched next.

What is the mint price and supply?

5,000 free mint for early Derps + Gas Fees. Limited to one mint per wallet.

Next 3,000 Derp drop will be available to the public at a price. We will be keeping 1,000 derps on reserves.

How do we mint?

You will be able to mint from the derp.life website by connecting your wallet to the site via MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase or Torus.

What about the rarity?

We will assign each Derp with 10 traits, with each trait having different variations and rarities. In other words, the crazier the traits, the rarer the Derp. You will have the chance to mint an ultra super premium Derp (without superpowers… or maybe).

Do derp.life holders regulate the project’s activities?

Validated accounts with Derp NFT holders will be able to vote on derp.life’s activities through the Discord (discord.gg/derplife). Derps help derps be strong #DerpFollowDerp

Will the contract be made public?

Yes, we will make the contract public closer to mint date reveal (soon) and the link will be provided here and in Discord.